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7" FreeBird Android Tablet PC

ALL the Features You Want in a Compact Tablet PC AND at a Compact Price!

So portable yet so versatile. It does everything the expensive, big name tablet PCs do but from a mere $59.95! Our 7" FreeBird Android Tablet PC is compact enough to fit in your pocket or purse, yet gives you all this :

  • Android Tablet PC: Does the work of a laptop and more. Use the on-screen keyboard to type texts, emails and docs. Or if you prefer, plug your own mouse and keyboard into the USB port.
  • Multi-Touch Sensing: Your choice of two touch screens. The resistive screen requires light pressure to activate. The capacitive screen senses electricity from your fingers and needs only a light touch, swipe or pinch. Capacitive screens offer better viewing outdoors, too. Both screen types rotate images when turning the tablet for sharing.
  • Screen: Resistive two-touch control or capacitive five-touch control.
  • Speed + Memory: The 7" FreeBird Tablet, capacitive screen model, has Dual Core 1500 MHz CPU and 512 RAM memory. The resistive screen model is a little slower, with 800 MHz CPU and just 256 RAM. Both have 4 GB onboard flash disk that can be increased to 32 MB storage with optional microSD card.
  • Google Android Apps: You get access to thousands of Google Android apps you can download to your FreeBird Android Tablet, free or paid.
  • Network: Connecting wirelessly is quick and easy. The FreeBird Tablet PC automatically finds and remembers Wi-Fi networks in your area. Also has USB & LAN port to plug in optional 3G modem or LAN network cable.
  • Camera and Webcam: Capture all the action with the built-in camera and video recorder. The full color screen makes your pictures pop! Webcam is great for video chats too.
  • Video / TV / Movie Player: Watch YouTube videos, TV shows or movies wherever you are.
  • Music Player: Stream music from online services like Pandora. Connect your FreeBird Tablet's audio output to headphones or home stereo.
  • E-book Reader: You'll always have a book or magazine on hand with your FreeBird tablet. Millions of titles available. Bright LCD screen makes for enjoyable on-the-go reading anywhere, even outdoors.
  • Long Battery Life: The powerful on-board rechargeable battery delivers hours of surfing, movie watching, game playing and more. Plug it in to recharge while you keep playing!

If you want all the features of a tablet PC but aren't prepared to shell out hundreds of bucks for an iPad, TouchPad or Playbook -- the 7" FreeBird Android Tablet was built (and priced) for you!

7" Resistive Tablet

  • Resistive Touch Screen
  • Back Camera
  • 800Mhz CPU, 256MB RAM
  • Android OS 2.3
Sale $99

Special Offer

7" DualCore Capacitive Tablet

  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Dual Cameras
  • 1.5G CPU, 512MB RAM
  • Android OS 4.0.3
Sale $169

Special Offer

7” Android Tablet Specs

  • CPU / Processor:
  • Flash Memory:
  • RAM:
  • Camera:
  • Operating System:
  • Screen:
  • Display:
  • Sensors:
  • Output:
  • WIFI:
  • Battery:
  • Size:

7" Resistive Touchscreen - $59.95


7" Capacitive Touchscreen - $74.95


Should I Get the 7” or the 10.2” Tablet?

The features are much the same for both our Android tabs. The only differences are:

  • Size (7” model has smaller screen than 10.2” tablet)
  • Battery Life (3 hrs of wifi/video vs 4.5 hrs of wifi/video)
  • Price ($59.95-$74.95 vs. $119.95-$149.95... both an incredible value!)

So if portability, computing speed and economy are more important to you than a larger viewing area and longer battery life, get the 7" FreeBird Android Tablet PC from just $59.95.

But if you want a larger viewing area, longer battery life, then the 10.2" FreeBird Android Tablet is your better choice. Click more info...

7" FreeBird Android
Tablet From $59.95

More Info

10.2" FreeBird Android
Tablet From $119.95

More Info